Rise Of Nations Extended Edition

Playing on steam looking for some friends


When Artifact Tournament ends we will have Rise Of Nations Extended Edition Tournament

I am probably going to hospitalize myself after this whole super Dave thing

Why do old white guys have to die

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People that act like celebrity deaths personally affect them at all are the worst

Super Dave was Old. You could see it

But yeah this doesn’t bode well for 2019

they say every time an old white guy dies an angel gets its wings…hope that helps u xoxo

Mel brooks is still with us. Carl Reiner too

Fun fact I know/knew carl reiner’s grandson and he was a dick

He ended up making documentary with his dad (rob reiner) about getting over heroin addiction so maybe he’s a good dude now whom knows

You met him at mit


I’m mad that cute old Jewish men like Mel brooks and Carl Reiner have kids that don’t look exactly like them

If it was up to me sex would not exist and everyone would be a clone of Carl Reiner and we’d all reproduce by mitosis

Everyone on namafia went to Morrison institute of technology

MIT grad here

As a graduate of mit I studied sociology with video games concentration and my dad is a trustee at the national Underground Railroad museum in the town he outsourced all the jobs from the black community

well this thread got derailed the fuck out by supposedly the well adjusted bunch of namafia

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Fucking owned