Riyadh masters for female visitor's

Overall my review of Dubai - probably one of the worst places in the world. Fun to visit and people watch purely for curiousity like how you'd visit a zoo.

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Can't decide whether I actually respect Emiratis more for being so mask off about maintaining an underclass of slave migrant workers in their society instead of people in the west inventing new words like "gig economy" to ease their conscience.


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It is kind of weird they just have a bunch of Pakistani’s and Filipinos working all the shitty service jobs. I talked to a guy when I was there from Pakistan he said he made more money in Dubai to send back to his family and the fact that they allow basically anybody in the world to come there to live/work in a city that is pretty modernized I guess means a ton of people will just show up hoping to make more money than they would make in like rural Pakistan or whatever. I actually liked Dubai a lot but it did feel very fake. Like they say money can’t buy taste and a lot of Dubai felt like they just wanted to spend the most money to have the nicest things with no regard for taste or actual culture.


I think Dubai would be cool to just go to like a resort for a weekend or a week or something I could see myself doing that if I lived in Europe or somewhere relatively close, living in the US it’s just too far to visit with any regularity. Also if you go to Georgia now you will have a very big contrast but will probably appreciate the actual rich culture and natural beauty Georgia has

Also idk how you felt about the water park but I had a blast going lol

arabia :no_good_man:

The waterpark was cool. I feel the issue is just the people this place attracts. It's all like nouveau riche scummy tax avoidance people, their trophy wives and their shitty kids.


Thats you. You dont have a job.

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I think you should get more sun jdance

Dubai water park sounds pretty sick


Kazahkstan is cool. Feels like Canada but in a weird parallel universe. Didn't know ethic kazahks look so Asian.

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I've wanted to do the self guided silk road tour through the stans. I love their older architecture

We are in astana rn and it's a fake planned city in the north but we are taking the train to Almaty in a few days.

Cheapest caviar in the world so we gonna pack a fancy picnic for the long train ride. Southern kazahkstan/Kyrgyzstan/Uzbekistan will be a lot more culturally interesting.