Riyadh masters for female visitor's

Since the next Ti seems very lackluster i thought about skipping it and instead going to the Riyadh masters.

I took my gf to the Berlin major and she enjoyed it. She even wants to install dota at home and get team liquid merch :rofl:.

So with regard to Riyadh. Did anybody go there with his gf or wife recently. Is it even possible for a woman to attend the masters with her man, or is there segregation?

Is there other stuff to look out for?

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How do i like a mod action


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I'm in Pakistan rn. Can't speak to Saudi Arabia but here a head scarf is pretty much compulsory for my partner. The cities are always more liberal than rural areas (where you see more burkha/niqab and way more scowling old men). From what I know Saudi Arabia is more conservative than Pakistan. Woman basically don't travel alone here and usually always have a male chaperone unless they are rich and part of the ruling class (rules don't apply to the elites here). People seem generally tolerant to foreigners who aren't Muslim.

Idk how your partner will feel but my partner has felt a baseline level of discomfort for her entire time here. Women spend alot more time inside so public areas are like 90% men and so we get a lot of stares. My partner would never travel alone in this country under any circumstance. Not sure how similar Saudi Arabia is but I think it's a bit more conservative/traditional.

Here alot of the public and commercial spaces are separated between male spaces and "family spaces". Ie if I we go a restaurant together we need to eat in a seperate room or behind a curtain because she is a woman.


Based. I wish america was more like Pakistan

Go home and work

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I hate this guy

Flew to Dubai today. Pakistan ex pm was arrested and the country is gonna blow up glad to have left.


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another worthy conversation started by me, J-Crispy

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Don't call her your partner or girlfriend if you are sharing a motel room.
I think that's a crime there.

Sorry I didn't realize crispy was not a serious poster. This was cringe of me.

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your post was great don't let jcringy bother you

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Go to the water park at the Atlantis

Aquaventure water park. I went with my gf and it was a ton of fun

The mosque in Abu Dhabi is also cool to see, they really went all out building it

Thanks for the rec we went today lol.

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