Rob Ford Crack Remix

RIP Rob Ford

He was actually a pretty good mayor, they just caught him on camera doing crack and honestly, he was more rational than most politicians.

Rob ford was a great man, prob just was living his doomer life.

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I understand his plight, being all alone at the top with nobody to turn to except a crack pipe.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

People coming to you everyday with their bullshit petty problems that they're too inept to solve on their own.

a very good mayor

His brother is Premier of Ontario and when he came in he ripped up the toronto city council lol reduced it to like 100 jobs from 300

Coffe Run - Rob Ford

my favourite is when he was accused of making some inappropriate comments towards some woman and he said he had plenty to eat at home referring to his own wife

indeed a great man

yeah he was a real one for sure.