Rome Total Mafia [GAME]

7 players

1 Town Gunsmith

  • Give a gun to a player each night(expires after 1 day)

1 Town Doctor

  • Protect a player from a shot(mafia night kill or gunsmith)

4 Vanilla Town

  • vote

2 Vanilla goons

  • night shot

ALL ROLES HAVE BEEN SENT. Everyone has a brief little intro to their faction, try to roleplay for some funsies :slight_smile:

You may post here now, day will end thursday night at 11:59pm EST

Mafia do have day chat. Roles are not related to history at all and just randomized

but please do use historical beef with eachother :slight_smile:

I hard claim town gunsmith.

@mafiabot startgame 9626

@mafiabot slist

@mafiabot vote Jcrispy

@mafiabot vc

@mafiabot startday 9626

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

Vanilla_Town, SOPHIE, JCrispy, insom, Nyte, KrazyKat, SuPA,

Alive Players - 7

Majority Vote - 4


@mafiabot vote SOPHIE

@mafiabot vote @Osiris

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What is a gun

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Whatโ€™s ur problem

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I have no idea how my character acts or the historical implications


Lynch jcrispy gun me

Youโ€™re almost as funny as jcrispy hahahhaha