Roragok Mafia Signup Thread

Roragok Mafia Signup: new signup created by me, looking for about twelve players ideally.

Mafia x 3:

Roragoks Obligational Neglect :
This role is an interesting spin as it involves letting down not only town members but also your mafia teammates. Player is rewarded by going afk, not communicating with other family team mates (town) even if they're in desperate need of help and talking about the bar. Player can also win if they reveal enough of their friends insecurities in a malicious way (unemployment issues, insecurity struggles etc).

Roragoks No Longer Undiscussable Escapism :
Despite having a responsibility to help out with your mafia community (team mates that is ) - this player's win condition is independent of his team alliance and is fulfilled by being afk, not responding to questions or cries for help, and talking about the bar.

With two obnoxious character flaws as team-mates; Roragok is balanced with an easier win condition. In roleplay spirit; Roragok can win the game by jacking off over 1000 posts about how hard life is and defending his obligational neglect and escapism team mates despite them working against things for him.

Town x 9:

Dan epoch :
You harbour ill will against roragok for revealing your unemployment to people secretly and power struggles on decisions. You are not supposed to announce this publically however; it will just be extremely obvious to all users that you are not on good terms and are two terrible candidates for any association. You will be private messaged the identity of Roragok but it won't matter as your role is just as useless as his. win condition is conducted by ignoring your team mates and failing to foister any significant online mafia presence in the forum sphere..

Roragoks Dead Family x 8 :
This role cannot post in game but have a private graveyard chat. no win condition but they can lose points the more they are forced to watch Roragoks escapism and neglect (mafia roles) sabotage their own teams goals.


let me know.