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@mafiabot host

goys and unknowns will be removed.

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no goy = good host

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happy birthday


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@Roragok I hope you're not going to categorize me with the "goy club" when I don't hang with them anymore and I haven't griefed in my last ten games.


I don't really see why you seem to hate me now in other scenarios just because of the rest of them acting the ape.

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Racks on racks on racks

I'll sign but im finna feelin that mafia needs another month or so before people are re-energized @matticus

Or does it...

@mafiabot remove @anon75925521

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Come on man, you claimed to care about mafia right? What the fuck are you doing to the site

Your whole silent treatment shtick doesn't make you seem like a stoic martyr, it makes you seem like a gormless has-been, don't ignore my private messages, you're here for mafia and the site coming into be better right?

I'm sure it's no surprise that since you started enforcing these types of rules that mafia has completely died on the site. No correlation; the whole admin does stupid or unexplained rule and then goes silent has sort of run its course don't you think - given that the site is on its last legs?

:vb-lust: Mm maybe a vanilla mafia setup will reignite the deadsite! :vb-lust: :05_18_flustered:

Be sure to let all the other constant game-ruiners (YNS, ian, Gamut etc) to play, the last ten games with these people have really been enthralling right?

To thought I once think age was the bringer of wisdom

How is it somebody about ten years your minor can see this shit right in front of your eyes.

Perhaps an obvious interpretation is it isn't about wisdom at all: just basic ******* observation. The site is dying dude: the only active members are people that want to astroturf the forum with spam. What you're doing isn't working. What epok is doing isn't working. You're doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting things to change. This was supposed to be one of the last great forums of mafia and instead you destroyed it entirely of your own accord.