Roragok's Mafia #23 Day 3

Dawn of the Final Third Day!

The town awakens to find the corpse of:
Wintermute the Town Cop

Alive Players:

hyphen Krazy_Kay
Zendo yns

Majority Lynch is 5

Day will last until August 8, 2018 7:00 AM (America: New York)
or until majority lynch

hahaha ok nmagame. let’s hear it.

wintermute for some reason felt chill enough when u claimed cop and then claimed mason with him when wintermute was cop himself.

ur the only real active person left. 2 people subbed and probably are town. u could be bussing slowdive, but it’s probably friend and gwez… maybe bazinga.

I don’t see how we don’t lynch you today. Town PRs have massively failed this game.

I never like to believe that all scum is just afk, so idk how we don’t lynch you.

I was 1-shot town cop - day 1 was used on slowdive and was roleblocked.

Flopagis and slowdive are mafia

lynch slowdive

I’m the 1-shot town cop. It’s very obvious your mafia

very convenient lol

No it’s just the truth. Town will lynch me anyway because they’re all Afk or trolls so you get to win this game.

I would say because he copped me - but I have no way of knowing that.

Wow only one death! So it’s looking likely there was a rogue vigilante after all, maybe a one shot. We still have a chance then, but we have to vote the right person today.

Who was the vigilante? smirks

lynch nmagane

You’re mafia.

nope lol i was the vig actually

shot benny

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wish i’d shot u

Well if you’re vigilante you shouldn’t lynch town. Flopagis and Slowdive are mafia , third scum KrazyKat most likely.