Roragok's Mafia #23 Day 4

Dawn of the Fourth Day!

The town awakens to find the corpse of:

Nmagane the 1 shot -Town Cop

Alive Players:


Majority Lynch is 4

Day will last until August 10, 2018 7:00 AM (America: New York)
or until majority lynch

lynch yns

yns and bazingaboy most likely, but for sure yns

Lynch friend

That was not a vote just a suggestion

its impossible for me to be lying. there was no option in which ngame was telling the truth and i wasn’t especially now that we clearly dont have an sk.

ur pushing on me only cements you as mafia cuz if you were trying to win as town you’d know that

It ain’t me. It ain’t me. I ain’t no mafia scum

im way less sure that youre scum than yns

yns is for sure scum
you might be scum

its likely all of mafia were on nmagane yesterday when he was at risk of hammer were mafia. otherwise he woulds been hammered to win the game.

slowdive was one
yns is for sure one
the 3rd is probably u

anyways, im sure flopagis will agree with me on this. town just sheep us and we win ez.

sorry for trying to ruin the game yesterday i was upset

going to have to take my time and plug all the holes again today. I don’t think friend can realistically be scum or sk unless he didn’t kill again, but I’ll need to make sure later when I have more time.

apologies to nmagame for not trusting, but it’s the only way the game seemed reasonable to me.

i remember bazinga having a random lynch yesterday that seemed weird but ill go through yesterday again in a bit

bazinga, yns, slowdive, then friend put nmagame 1 off getting lynched and winning the game here: Roragok's Mafia #23 Day 3

I don’t know how much this clears krazy kat and gwez quite yet but food for thought for now.

holy shit and he stays with one off from getting lynched till here: Roragok's Mafia #23 Day 3

This means scum would have had to afk for a long ass time to not finalize that one and win the game. notice how after the 1 off from hammer happens yns then sees it fit to put a lynch on slowdive lol.

I think this one might be wrapped up actually

Does yns and bazinga want to concede ?

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if this is the case then killing nma or friend would have been so stupid for scum to do last night lol

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someone else can maybe scroll forums and see if gwez or krazy kat were active, but that was a long time to not finish the game.

Man it’s hard for me to find scum when they don’t even play. I still don’t rreally understand how u guys were so confident with slowdive

its 100% yns and probably bazinga