Roragok's Mafia #24 Day 2

I made this yesterday at EoD. Haven’t edited it yet.

I liked it

Okay, Nma recharged me last night. Just checked PM.

Kkat what’s your role

I’m going to re-ISO some players but my gut tells me it’s slowdive

Didn’t bazingaboy do some crazy shit argument against your EV strat

I was guessing slowdive or ian if you check my vt list from d1.

I don’t trust that dufe

Bazingaboy has a history of being a Dumb Retard

I’ll leave it to the veterans.

I did my duty.

Lol I wouldn’t have lynched benny today I can’t believe the SK killed him

yeah it’s definitively slowdive, there’s no question about it

lynch slowdive

i knew it was yns+benny even before yns started griefing

Convince me of slowdive

Pretty sure serial killer is klaze he knows how to game the system

lynch klaze

It is 100% impossible that I am the SK

unlynch klaze
lynch ian

Klaze -> Kkat
Matticus -> Klaze
Bazinga -> Kkat

Kkat has 2 charges.

Serial Killer can not receive a role. Any votes he receives will be placed on the person he charges up

Does serial killer have to kill someone every night?