Roragok's Mafia #24 Day 2

Dawn of the Second Day

The Town arises to find the corpses of:
big-benny the MafiaGoon
Nmagane the 1-shot recharger.

Alive Players


Majoreity lynch is 5

Day will last until September 5, 2018 10:00 PM (America: New York) or until majority lynch

Hey guys.

The serial killer killed Benny. I redirected Benny’s kill to Nmagane so that he couldn’t grief the game.

All we have is SK left. I don’t know who that is - I’m guessing Bazingaboy.

Also, I only ever had two charges. Have one remaining now.

If you have roles - you should reveal them now.

I leave figuring out the SK to the rest of you - I’m unsure the best way to do that (as I have never played mafia before this game)

Good call. Who else did you choose? I assume it was matticus or me. Probably matty.

Also I used one of my actions last night and got nothing worth mentioning. I wont reveal my role because I still have one shot left.

I originally only had 2 charges - I was lying about having 3 (a strategy that I thought was good at the time, but realize now was terrible, as Benny likely tried to kill me last night, which was why I was praying for a doctor to save me… until YNS griefed the game and revealed the second mafia, that is)

So you redirected yourself onto nma? Not sure that is possible.

But I agree that SK killed benny. Lynch SK, win game.

My top suspects are lucky and slowdive, but these are weak reads.

You get to choose one person whose action will be changed another person you choose. I stole Benny’s action to use on Nmagane.

Thanks I for the clarification. I misunderstood the role. Well done. Well not well done because you killed a town, but well done because goy club is eliminated.

I have to sleep now and I will be working in the field all day tomorrow. I might post at lunch if I can.

BTW did slowdive ever claim a role?

Benny would have just killed a higher value town.

True. I honestly expected the kill to be you, me or matty.

I would like to hear from the person that matticus was a neighbor with.

Keep in mind that SK has no role, and both mafia are dead. That would make matty 100% confirmed town.

Roles are to be revealed now. Kkat you’re up.

Game is 100% solved.

List from most confirmed to least on Not Being SK

Matticus (Once he’s used FN)
Klaze (Verified vote on Kkat with a vote on myself)
KKat (Claims to have a role and charges)
Bazinga (Early revealer of his vote - could reveal him had he gotten votes, also his vote is confirmed on Kkat)
Jdance (Claims to have 3 charges, though it doesn’t check out, it’s more than likely due to someone else lying)
LBJ (Earlyvote revealer)
Slowdive (Early vote revealer)
ian (Can be SK)

Klaze -> Kkat
Matticus -> Klaze
Slowdive - yns
Kkat -> Matty
LBJ -> yns
bazinga -> kkat
jdance -> slowdive
yns -> jdance
benny -> nmagane
nmagane -> benny
ian -> jdance

Redirector is a very bad ability to pick as town.

Well, bad news: I used fn on nmagane. He did say he was going to use his action on me. Klaze why do you have NMA as likely SK still?

I thought the fn worked at night. Ugh.