Roragok's Mafia #25 Signup

Hello everyone! Lets get a game rolling.

I am leaning towards a vanilla setup. If we somehow manage to only get 9 players exactly I may do medical mafia.

Do you really have to host this? Nobody else? I don’t want to make you host both mafia and dnd lol, unless you really want to.


DnD is gonna a be a long thing hopefully. I like hosting mafia. Enjoy playing but also would rather have a game running.

Most of my mafia stuff is templated at this point takes me minimal effort to host.



Yeah I could bump my thread for a small game but i really don’t want to host a large game, my organization skills will lead to our ruin. Thanks to roragok for hosting again.

Sign. Roragok is carrying the community on his fucking back.



I will sign for medical mafia. I love that game.

I will unsign if we’re playing medical mafia. No fun to play a solved game when it results in a ~90% chance of a town win

Is it a solved game?

I feel like I won as scum last time I played it.

I’ll give sign ups another day or two. Probably a vanilla setup like I said in post.

It’s solved as in there’s a strategy that gives town a 80% chance to kill at least 1 scum n1 then a 75-90% chance to correctly Lynch a scum d2

Ironstove and I worked out the probabilities. You doc the person right beneath you on the sign-ups list. By d2 you’ve got pretty much every role confirmed if you play it right. You won as scum, @Roragok, because stove was stupid and dismissed the most statistically likely scenario on d2, I was dead, then the rest of town couldn’t believe he was that dumb and lynched him d3.

Interesting, not sure how correct the % is but I usually go with that strat as town and mafia.

It’s correct. Stove and I argued for like 200 posts about it (he was right). Unfortunately, he threw the game away