Roragoks Mafia - Day 2

@Nyte the Town Doctor was found eviscerated in her bedchamber

Day 2 Start

Day will last until 2019-02-02T15:00:00Z or majority vote.

Alive Players


Majority Lynch is 5

I claim cop. Dan is scum

This is a lie. We’re in C3. I tracked iaafr because of his vote switching yesterday, he did nothing. I’d wager both asoul and Dan are scum, and this is a big dick bus

@mafiabot Lynch @theGreatWingdingi

You have one chance to retract your claim

Rip in peace

3 wheel ups in a row that means im a direct rude boy

Well this day is over @mafiabot lynch @SOPHIE

Are you asouls partner?



i dont trust like that

Someone is fake-claiming. My guess is asoul.

Idk I think asoul is fakeclaiming cuz he thinks he picked up something on me and he thinks im going to explode or something

Its just off because the ewiz claim seemed good and its not like Alightsoul to open a later day with a fakeclaim that contradicts something he couldnt have missed. What was ewiz gonna do not call him out immediately

Atleast I’ve never seen him do that before as scum. Its obvious bait, but now im wondering if thats the tactic hes employing here to get townread or what

If me and Alightsoul were on a scumteam we wouldbt fucking thunderdome thats retarded dude


I agree

@l0nch KrazyKat

I’ll probably switch to epok later

@mafiabot Lynch KrazyKat

actually idk I’m probably gonna have to reread yesterday later haha

@mafiabot Lynch yns