Roragok's Mafia Sign up #24

Let’s get another game going.

If low player count will use Matrix 6

If more will try to do Charge Me Up!



Thanks Roragok.

Thanks to your minecraft server we all got distracted from mafia. Thanks for all the work you put into actually fostering the community.




nvm, no sign im too busy :concern:

I still don’t know how to play but I’ll learn as I go

yeah, just dont let anyone light a fire under you and get you so riled up that you get yourself killed. you can be a real asset if youre not letting mafia pocket you and youre working with town leaders. people dont nightkill new players all too often :smile_new:

Has the game already begu

Just ignore him, he doesn’t know how to play and dies day 1 every game (4 in a row now).
Playing mafia should come intuitively to anyone. It’s second nature, you shouldn’t have a hard time getting used to it.

Just ignore this ugly troll lol

It is fact that you died/got caught day 1 for 4 games in a row (and counting). Your “advice” post is complete nonsense and just goes to show how terrible your understanding of the game really is.

If I had to guess - I’d say I will be chosen as mafia - and that I will be lynching a member of goyclub on day 1

Is that what mafia does?

mafia’s priority is to stay alive over everything, their ‘team’ typically gets a kill that someone on their teamsubmits as a night action + one or two might have some other lesser abilities to balance the game out.




Really liked the last Charge Me Up game we played, even though I lost.