Sandwich thread

Post your sandwiches you make here. I just finished this monstrous BLT omg so guuud. Cost $9 to make. Timmies is like $8 for less then half of that

Toasted in bacon fat, 2 whole tomato's some onion, bacon. Baguette blyat. Imagine some cheese on that shit


i love tomato but i think you went a little overboard there

Yeah a put a bit too many I made one yesterday and had off cuts. Ill do the offcut way again

Sandwiches aren't worth it anymore when i can't bite through the whole thing at once. like burger culture i think sandwich culture has missed the plot when you make them difficult to eat

Gotta go fucking anaconda and dislocate your jaw to get a good bite

i actually made some bomb wraps with hummus, guac, rice, beans and spring mix but i ate the last one yesterday :(

You just squish the thing

man then you're just crushing tomato and mustard juice out the side onto your shirt

Haha I ate it over a bowl. Forgot the mustard part. At the end was some juice and a hand full of tomato slices from the back of it that fell out. Made a good soup

Currently sitting in the office eating my lunch. This is a very well-timed thread

I like to watch those food eating competitors while I eat lol

god how long are you gonna commit to this unfunny shit

get a real personality


id fuck her.

Just won a tvt he had 180 apm i had 110 kekekekekekekek

im gonna fuck around this wekend maybe make a few snadwiches ;)

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im gonna make blt tomorrow and friday still, want to make em better Osiris shit on my tomato usage

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I do a double layer of tomatoes on tomato sandwiches but not a blt

Lol yeah makes sense. I'm doing it like that right now because I just eat that sandwich for my 1 meal a day

Tomatoes are good for you. Ignore Osiris he has no idea about health (probably 5'9 180lbs)