This is a quick notification that I will be running blitz tomorrow morning with whatever players I have

Signups will open in this thread 8am tomorrow morning

Game runs 10AM to ~12

Days will be 30min - nights 10 - will reduce times as game progresses

If you sign up to play you are expected to have that chunk of time free to devote to the game.

Setup will be closed but reasonably vanilla

Somewhat dependent on the number of players I can get

too early for me

I had been thinking of trying to run turbos here before though (similar idea)

I think mafiabot is going to make this pretty sick

If we can get players of course

you need to start with the host command so people can sign

Signs open in the morning because I’m worried people will sign now and then not show up tomorrow

have to agree with iaafr. not many people up between 8-10

10-12 is the play period I just give a window to sign beforehand

Ping goyclub

I think they wont play right now

Either way why bait them back in - people have been asking for a break for a while

signup using @mafiabot .s , @mafiabot sign
unsign using @mafiabot unsign
list signed players @mafiabot slist

@mafiabot host

Got some suggestions to move this later in the day. I think that’s reasonable and doable. We’ll see what times people seem available and react to demand accordingly.


Taking all feedbacks on how people want to play blitz - whether it’s that only specific times will work, whether they just aren’t interested in the idea, or whether there was something else wrong here that people didn’t like about the setup

I like the idea just need to coordinate the time. Like there was no notice and I would need to be near a keyboard for like a solid hour or two. Also timezones differences and schedules.

It would help to use an event planning plugin and set it in advance. Could probably use some normal games before we blitz tho to get people back in it. we’ve already been on a break

evenings over mornings always