Screaming into the void



What do you guys think about the new (and last) Carter Tutti Void album?

I think people whose identity is their music taste are insufferable

What do you do dude do you just get home from work at some tech startup, turn on some funky edm and pretend you're living in the matrix? Cringe

The songs not bad though

I have no personality so here is the music I listen to

are you implying that my identity is chiefly constructed around the garbage I post here or are you referring to other people? The reason I posted that trash is because it had the word void in it so I thought it might be relevant to the topic of this thread

I don't work on Sundays typically or for a tech startup, I'm employed by a megacorp that doesn't value human life

I don't pretend im living in the matrix, but I think in a way I'm already enveloped in something like it with the increasing amount of obfuscation and attempts to control narratives of real world events that takes place in CyBeRSpACE these days

What unique identifiers or personality do you possess? If I were judging solely from what you post on this website I would tender you're a listless young man that plays runescape all day.

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anyone here like casiotone for the painfully alone


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