Second best emote

EDIT: Brackets are now open

We all know :casey: is the best emote, but what’s the second best?
:us_virgin_islands: ?
:brain: ?
:goywarning: ?

Nominate below and then I’ll make a poll so we can decide once and for all

Edit: Rather than a poll it’ll be a march madness style bracket. Everyone is allowed unlimited nom’s, I’ll handle the brakcet. (and by handle I mean ill randomize matchups rofl)

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:lynchinprogress: :niger:


little known fact: i hand drew the original casey face and it was bastardized to a “thinking emoji” face by haxity

little known to who?

youre effectively infringing on my intellectual property akin to pepe the frog


are these nominations?

Nice thread


Have to think carefully about my nomination




:eyebrows: for me


you get unlimited noms

Thank you!