Seeking TeamSpeak Woman

Man in mid 20s seeks new TeamSpeak female for online companionship.

inquire at ts3:

Speak with @nyte for reference.

I feel like I lost a part of my soul
I miss Asmongold's streams. For more than a year, or maybe even two, it was a huge part of my life. I watched his successes, his failures, his rages, his most glorious victories, the moments of shitting on people and the moments when he was being shitted on, the best and the worst moments. But also the chat, the community, Sir McConnell. It was something to look forward to every day. Because of him I kept coming back to WoW. I know it's funny to laugh at people who consider streamers their friends, but I feel pretty much like I've lost a very good friend now.

neither of you are funny.


Trustworthy, huge cock as a plus. Bi curious would be an understatement so if you don't want a man that swings like that i'd say he's not your cup of tea.

Addendum: Hair like a woman.

Extra addendum: Might comment on Audrey Hepburn having less hair than him while you Watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Can't wait till jones starts dating kittens so he doesn't have to sit in teamspeak masturbating while asking brendan "Do you think you're smarter than me?"


you: mischaracterization and intellectual dishonesty in my conversation with my good friend brendan.

me: alignment with truth as I point out that you have mange on your head.


FYI, I spoke to kittens and her like was in regards to the first part of your post, not the lies and slander you post as a result of bald trauma.

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hope mahmoud lets you photoshop yourself on your licensure to paint industrial walls you fucking clown