Self Ban request thread


1 more week for the culture please

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Ignore this

I did not, he's hanging out with his new college aged girlfriend and I'm happy for him

He's not wrong we've become a utopia in the week that jdance has been missing. It's really been For The Culture.

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Is this real??


1 week please sir

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Hope you're having a lot of fun :blush:

2 months now

Ban my fucking account

Nobody ban him

I didn't really have a choice

I'm just blown away that 25+yos still do this

I had already silenced him and removed his posts

He only acts this way because you give in to his request when he acts like this. Read some books on rearing young toddlers it will start making sense

This is like when dad says no (me) and gives u no attention for the temper tantrum so u go to mom (■■■) and she's like "Ok honey... well he was crying what was I supposed to do"

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He changed his avatar to that stuff and would continue to do it and PMing people it

He knows this because he reads user PMs.

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Suspend him ASAP instead of silencing him for the latter part but if you're not gonna micro the former
or related aspects then it's not even worth humoring. Plus there's a ton of pics you didn't even get to

Pmed me and I would've not been the only one if I didn't handle it. That's just child psychology

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