Self control thread

Test your mental fortitude by not posting in here

Edit: the original title of this thread was imagine being Iaafr
The original first post was HA

im imagining it and it seems pretty fucking good

I took physics 101 and thought it was hard and hes got a whole degree in that shit

Sounds almost as soft as my phil degree LOL

I want the LBJ philosophy thread teach me what to think what is true little black jesus


Why you gotta do this instead of posting in ti thread smh

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@iaafr which phones were you looking at so I can mention them to a friend?

He has a degree in physics? Why?

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Building his physical strength obv

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Xiaomi Poco f3 is the cheapo phone I am currently using and happy with

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physics sucks dude


why bump this

like what is wrong with u

i didnt go accuse others

was talking to the person who bumped this

you should have made that more clear in your post.

it was clear ur just being dumb