Semen retention

because that relief quiickly becomes a vice if you do it in manors that are not productive for reproduction. That is why i rather not even be relieved unless im breeding but unfortunately we are all weak at some point/

That's homophobic


Idk why he specified a situation that will never happen

Referring to sex as breeding is some uncanny valley shit


Yes sex is for breeding, practicing it is pleasurable.

its like the point of life man

hits mushroom

Whenever I take addy I always end up choking the chicken for like 1.5 hrs straight unless i end up hooking up w someone shits wild man

my brain goes from party party party to gotta show my meat who the boss is in a heartbeat


I’ll be laying in bed sometimes even just thinking about random shit not even watching porn just letting the addy power the piston of my lego shaped hand up and down my shaft

Have you ever been laying in bed thinking about kingdom hearts plot holes while simultaneously being an hour into a stroke sesh with no sign of release on the horizon?

Wew lads

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some have reached an inflection point where the biological imperative has become to not procreate, and to terminate a lineage extending back a hundred thousand years

That's fine humans are a plague. I'm all for the extinction of the human race once I'm 90

Extinct us now

if you're an environmentalist the greatest contribution you can make to furthering that cause is to not procreate

you don't have to recycle or use paper bags or drive an electric vehicle and you can still be rest assured you've done more to save the planet than any parent

as meaningless a notion as its inverse

i wrote an FF7 alternate universe fan fic once where instead of confronting Shinra Corp, Team Avalanche take a collective vow of celibacy and Barret never rescues Marlene

black materia wins unopposed and then the credits roll


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I think the honorable thing for our species to do is to deny our programming. Stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction - one last midnight, brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal.

The Bet. A classic.

The Contest