Semen retention

Guys you need to start semen retention. Everyone is looking so beautiful but i will never submit.

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i never spill seed except into the proper designated recepticles

is not masturbating even that hard?

i guess its prolly something you can be addicted to and that'd make it hard to stop. especially if you also have a porn addiciton.


Yea the reality is a lot of men have become addicted to it.

I don't know if addiction is the correct word man. Orgasming is kind of the entire point of all life. It's hard to say that you can be addicted to reproduction

Am I addicted to breathing? Technically yes

when you use it for purposes other than reproduction and find yourself pathetically sitting before a computer screen jackin it. you will be loooked at wit the same shame as someone who breathes with the intent of wasting oxygen

there was a great seinfeld episode about this topic


get fucked oxygen im using u to no particular ends

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practicing semen retention

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nadota women DO NOT pm me


that's a super loser rationalization. animals didn't evolve to jerk off all day except for like walruses. if you want to look at evolutionary psychology as the purpose of life the only framework that makes sense is survival and success of offspring. you can extrapolate that to mean whatever helps you sleep but it doesnt translate to nutting 10 times a day. seeing you or anyone say their purpose in life is to cum evokes feelings of like near tragedy

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I'm not talking about people that Jack off incessantly or incestually. Just those one or 2 per day andys

2 is too many. I let women relieve me only when i can no longer resist the siren's call.

Have I jacked off to sounding while on a fuckload of adderall? Yes. Does that make me less of a man? No

you're saying it's the point of life. take that to its logical conclusion

i've never had a wet dream and i've always had this weird idea that i'm somehow missing out on some shared collective experience of male adolescence so like 6-7 years ago (darker time in my life, this all sounds really weird in retrospect) i tried to induce one by not masturbating. made it like 42 days or something before just giving up on the idea and jerking off LMAO

Why dont you let other dudes relieve you

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