Serial feeders "bloody nine" and "sladin" called out by reddit user ixmikkke1488

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Yo, my boy B9 isn’t a griefer, fuck off Reddit user.

he is

did u make that acccount

Don’t post your own reddit threads here.

That’s not a rule.


How funny, I never run out of reports. What is ixmike talking about.

I literally only save reports for griefers, man Childs, and throwers. Maybe I get 1 in every 10-20 games???

Prior to the 6mo ban system being implemented, it was like every 1/5 to -1/10 games. Every time I report I almost always get my report back to me so I recycle, but I still rarely ever find myself reporting.

Idk I feel like a lot of ppl hate report in games I. E. Dude is feeding and playing like shit, so what that’s a normal game. Everyone has shit games, not worth reporting barring exceptional circumstances where it is clearly a purchased account or something

Or maybe I’m just ultra fair in reporting even though I rage and get reported too lmao.

One thing I want to note is that the man child’s always seem to have spent the most money looking thru their profile. Lmfao

honestly i feel that the way teh system is set up is kinda cancerous and should just be ripped out because it genuinely does not do a good job. For one youre right, most people are generally Abusing the system (when it’s commonplace and there isn’t any downside its hard Not to) but the other thing is that the system has no concept of reconciliation for reported players. once youre being reported often enough youll just be put in the “hidden pool” and forced to have bad games, and never be informed that you are there because youve been bad in any particular way (just Not incredibly pleasing to others) And that you can do something about it (or show you where you acted wrong either).

they are more invested and can’t handle the losses

emotionally and financially

u can get out of hidden pool

yeah but ultimately it’s keep your mouth shut and be really nice when sometimes people actually deserve to get called out

im sure thinking that way is whats leading me to getting reported tho

no ones askin u to write a novel for em either but if someone thinks u sucked at something and they know better then it should be shared. dota is a game with a lot of latent shit that really is worth knowing.

but no matter how nicely u wrap that up youre still gonna get hate reported lol

The report system only works for people who freak out consistently game after game. I sometimes get frustrated and flame my teammates for being retards and get reported by my entire team like maybe once every 20 games or so and I never have been in lpq due to reports or whatever.

My only crime is playing with big benny and nmagane

If big benny isnt in the hidden pool then nobody is

Real question is do you think that freaking out once every 10 or 20 games deserves to have you sent to LPQ or eventually given a 6 month ban.

If dota were a job, then freaking out one time would result in you losing your job, but dota isn’t paying you to show up and play, it’s quite the opposite so from a money-making standpoint it’s sort of stupid to ban players that are spending consistent money on the game i.e. dota plus or battle passes.

I’m sure how much money a person spends on the game is taken into account as well, but valve does not want to admit it. It seems really stupid not to and all of that data is readily available to them.

No I don’t think they should and the 6 month game bans probably only happen to like the top .1% most reported players or something. It’s still an online game behind a computer screen and talking shit/having an off game occasionally is going to happen and doesn’t deserve LPQ. I know riot is way more strict with league of legends and I don’t think it’s much more effective. Dota is way better with behavior scores now anyways my games are almost always fine, even stomps, teammates still play to win and are relatively cooperative throughout the game where before it was just random if you got some retard who was going to die once mid and tilt the entire game and yell at people over the mic and be a dick the entire game because they were tilted. Shadow pool relegating the retards together was like the best thing they did

Maybe the retards of our generation grew up and moved away from pc games while the much more mannered gen z’ers are taking over