Serious Issue With Jdance

This is like the third time in like 3 days he’s posted pictures of dicks. He’s posted nsfw images a bunch of times and a lot of us browse this shit on our phones at work/in public. Flagging his posts often only fixes the issue too late. Can we actually do something about this? @SOPHIE @Roragok

STop reading jdance posts

Just avert your eyes idiot

Scrolling past doesn’t solve the issue of a dick popping up on the screen as you scroll

Yeah well your posts are more offensive than his so you have no room to complain

You shouldn’t be browsing this site at work anyway. Get back to work.

Stop trolling this thread. This is a serious Issue that we have on the forum. I’m not just saying this cause I dislike jdance, but because I don’t want to be scrolling past porn while I’m in public/at work

I’d rather look at jdance post images of dicks than your self-righteous ruin-the-forum spam posts

And that is not because I’m gay.

that’s only for notifications what a shame

It’s not notifications. It’s posts. He posts porn in threads

I agree, theres a reason we have a whack it shack – he can go post porn there if he wants

theres no graybox :(

i stand fuckign corrected

daily reminder that if u get some extension for your browser installed that lets you use custom CSS on a site, i can show you how to make his posts disappear until theres a graybox.

You’ve gotta institute some kind of consequences for it.

The hypocrisy here is stunning.

I don’t break forum rules

Yeah you do

The rules are super simple and clear they just aren’t enforced