[SERIOUS]jon jones heard roids are back on the menu after new years[SERIOUS]

so he ruins a whole ppv

he ruins a whole weight class*

unintentionally made the ppv better by getting us a aspinall vs pavlovich**

no one here watches***


this jones probably does more drugs than the namafia jones

most people think namafia jones needs drugs to not be psychotic etc

but i dont understand, what do you mean about bones

bones just pulled out of his upcoming fight over a "torn pec muscle"

like a week after ufc announced they're getting rid of USADA

bones is known for popping for peds numerous times
also known for his cocaine induced beatdowns of his wife, cops, and a random pregnant lady

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i'd wager he is perfectly healthy, he just wants to be on the juice before he fights again

u can't tell me you don't think 90% of anyone signed to ufc doesnt

like there's some low end guys who won't and they prob stay low end because of it
plain and simple

most top comp level athletes are fucking with some shit - atLEAST when big money is involved hell yeah

oh 100% 90+++ prob closer to 98% do PEDS

but the fact he got caught multiple times where even others didn't means he really just went crazy on that shit

also he cheats inside the cage as well with his countless eye pokes, cage grabs, illegal knees/elbows, glove grabs

he's openly admitted to intentionally cheating to get ahead which is gross

has a DQ loss on his record and should have 2 because of anthony smith who gifted him a win after he technically shouldve won from illegal strikes

ample other times i think he shouldve either lost or been DQ'd because of his fouls too

heres the thing about bones

that guy is an actual fighter
he's not like a fcc athlete
hes' a fighter meaning he's dirty

not saying it's good or bad moral immoral whatever it just is a thing that a lot of other fighters aren't

i don't like the guy but as a fighter he's one of the best for sure

someone who's not dirty who's like one of the best would be your silva
your gsp (you know this guy juices tho)
and like one of the best *or maybe the best, sakuraba...
those are technique fighters that are top of the line and not dirty, so they are a few of the athletes i consider the greatest of all time

if you're in a back alley, you want the jones type with you, if u get mugged, tho

there are newer fighters up there too i just didn't feel like going into them
i think khabib is insanely good for example
and the card that just happened (abu dhabi) is high tier talent

Khabib is a great example of a fighter I think fought very cleanly. Didn't break rules, didn't test positive for things

And yea that recently Abu Dhabi showed Islam who imo is even better than Khabib

Islam has great striking, and even better wrestling. dunno who in his weightclass can even beat him

i mean i get what you're saying but I respect the sport and he clearly doesn't respect it

lmao i don't think he can

he just sees red
and he doesn't show all that much ambition to work on himself lol

i mean be fair, he is incredibly talented and has the skillset.... its just for me... it's so hard to overlook all the cheating he does inside and outside of the cage