[SETUP DISCUSSION] Find Your Friends

inspired by @nmagane:

Was thinking about a game where you vote on town instead of mafia and town loses immediately if they vote wrong.

3 x 24hr phases (game lasts 72 hours)
5x post count requirement per phase
? x Friends
? x Enemies
(numbers will depend on players, but will be revealed pregame)

At the end of every phase, votes will be checked: game continues if all votes by Friends are on Friends, game ends in Enemy Victory if a Friend has voted on an Enemy. Enemies may vote anywhere, and it will not matter for win condition.

The Top Friend (Friend player most voted) will leave the game at the end of the phase. Only votes at end of phase are counted, intermediate votes will not count.

Every phase, there will be a minimum number of Friends required to vote to not lose the game.
Example: if there are 12 Friends (with 3 Enemies), Phase 1 might have a 4/12 vote requirement, phase 2 might have a 5/11 vote requirement, and phase 3 might have a 6/10 vote requirement.

If the end of phase 3 is reached with no votes on Enemies by Friends, the Friends are victorious.

This thread is for discussion on how to improve this setup.

This is very cool - I was thinking of a more Traditional game where it went on until all the town were Found with unlimited phases and the Top Friend stayed in the game, but I think that may be too Hardcore.

yes, i think a tricky aspect of making a setup like this work is properly tuning the difficulty to the playerbase - any single player can lose the entire game for the Friends, so I was thinking of somehow adding extra leeway for the friends - perhaps a 1 vote tolerance? (would require 2 bad votes to lose)

Originally I was thinking it would only count majority vote like in a normal game.

that makes a lot of sense too, I’ll consider it!

Don’t you just stack votes on 1 player and hope for the best?

yeah i guess it’s not that interesting if that’s allowed

i will continue to brainstorm how to make this concept a good game

I’m interested

If you’re going to brainstorm, here’s the idea I was thinking about:

It involves a character called the “town traitor” who’s goal is to be found by mafia and coverted; with him are a set of “double agents” who if mafia believes to be the traitor, kill the mafia player.

the “town traitor” receives some additional information; he could know the power roles of all/few other players, he could know who was mafia, he could know aspects of the setup of the game (the actual setup in a closed/semi-closed game).

as a result, you have the town traitor attempting to signal in the thread that he is the traitor through the hinting of his information; at the same time, the double agents want to trick the mafia into thinking they’re the traitor, whether that be through vocalizing that a player is X role, whatever.

the traitor wins if he’s able to be converted to mafia.

bunch of people incentivized to not act like town

=recipe for unplayable troll game

How are people incentivized to not act like town?

Are you saying that you’re incentivized to look dumb because you don’t want to look like the traitor?

The game’s goal isn’t totally surrounding the traitor; it’s a normal mafia game with a role that has another win condition they have to meet.

I have no idea the numbers/roles to balance it; you need it to be unlikely for mafia to win the game unless they convert the traitor.

It’s effectively playing with like an extra .5 mafia I think.

Thinking of hosting something like this for next game.

another variant on this:

Instead of voting for who you want lynched, you vote for who you want to receive a gun. The person who receives the gun will be able to shoot someone to their death during the night. Additionally, each night, the mafia will be able to “corrupt” someone. If the corrupted person gets voted to have the gun, they’ll die instead of receiving the gun. The corruption wears off after one day if it doesn’t take effect.

credit to xxerox on mafiauniverse

That sounds like it could be fun.

I don’t like the wifom of the second part

the voting/gun mechanic is similar to my old mechanics designed to make town more towny (town aint towny enuf) but the scum mechanic counteracts it and makes it so every player has to be worried to vote their top town read because he might be corrupted