Shadow Fiend Discussion Thread

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Can someone who’s actually good at this game (I’m only 3.4k) try this build for me and tell me if it’s good or if it’s just good in 3k bracket because it’s pretty good for me.

It’s blink > bkb > aghs > whatever the fuck else will win u the game (skadi, euls, bfly, nullifier etc)
lane go bottle Aquila treads

Blink first item try and get some ez kills with ur razes or just blink around and farm shit

Bkb try to stay in the back lane a little and wait for your team to land a stun or some shit then pop bkb and blink ult in the middle of a team fight for srs dmg afterwards u still got some bkb left so u just right click/raze nerds

Aghs because the build is kind of dependent on ur ult for big dmg and this makes big dmg bigger

I usually go the gay double force staff item afterwards or skadi or some shit depending on whatever I feel like and how hard we’re owning the other nerds. I could see nullifier being decent to stop gay nerds from abyssal blading u but maybe not.

keep in mind most of my sf games at my rank I usually do really well and snowball (66% winrate) so this could just be a case of I’m snowballing super hard and could build any retarded shit and still do decent

Thoughts opinions etc?

Blink is really good if you get it early. But even if its not super fast you are gonna farm faster and be overall more mobile. The only thing i doubt about this build is how squishy you are. Any farmed carry is gonna melt your ass. That build is decent but im not a huge sf player(80 games maybe idk). You have no stun with sf and that will make you super dependant on your team. Aghs owns. You will have mana problems with this build i feel like. You definitly need a bottle and maybe drums. Now that i think about it the build should be something like ->wraith band,salve -> bottle -> aquila-> power treads -> blink -> bkb. That will make you strong enough to actually fight other than just hitting razes. Also spam claritys on sf but you know that already i imagine.
I think orion or timado know more about this.

One thing that people underestimate is how important these small items are. If some 900 gold item makes you get a tower/win a fight in the early/mid game thats gamewinning. SF is a really good snowballer

im gonna try this next time i have to play mid or im smurfing but usually im too pussy to go builds like this when i can just go sb/blink bkb and then daedalus to snowball.

Blink + Euls is some real gamelosing shit unless you’re really good, and even then it’s not that good. Shadowblade+mom+bkb is the build 99% of the time

why shadow blade over blink

blink is like rly good on this hero the ability to just blink on top of someone and double raze them is good

with bkb u don’t really have to worry about getting ur ultimate interrupted either which is what sb helps with

but the difference is sb can be countered easier with sentries/dust and during team fights bkb+blink is way better.

Sb is prolly better for getting pick offs

Much easier to snowball with sb, especially in lower brackets

this game is more than a decade old and u guys are debating if SF can use shadow blade and blink??

no ones getting both IDIOT

The trick to SF is your starting build.

Honestly I just start with crown now at level 1 + Mango.

This is because Rod of Atos is godlike on SF.

Truth be told Phase Boots are really good on SF. They help early mobility for stack timers and now that they give armor, it makes a huge difference on SF.

Phase Boots also make your blink dagger builds stronger as you can Phase boots (phase) inside your targets temporarily allowing higher damage ultimates.

New atos does seem like a good meme for SF, lock down a guy far away and double raze lol

Lol noo way the root is too short

isnt it still 1100 or some shit

yeah its 1100 thats nothing to scoff at i think

i am fucking below ur mmr tho

I mean the time

Shadowblade better potistioning for your ults

shadowblade is nice for a few times if maybe 1-2 before you get sentry dropped on

Atos is a way cleaner and better build order where as every retard auto buys 2x wraiths for no reason..

Atos is just a really solid build order or SF that over the course of a 30 minute game will average about 2500 free mana from bottle efficiency.

Who needs bottle efficiency when this game has shrines and 5 runes spawning every 2 minutes?