Sharting on a First Date

What’s the play here

accuse her of sharting at the table

Run to your car and pull out the pack of boxer briefs you carry in your trunk just for these moments

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I like both of these suggestions. I huffed most of the scent line post-event and excused myself to the bathroom. Now she’s stuck at the table alone with both of our drinks

What is the normal fill line for a paloma? Who orders a Paloma in the middle of winter?

We’re eating kimchi cheese fries. I think she took a sip before I sat back down.

I don’t believe a thing you’re posting

Neither does she. My alibis blown so I’m going to stop posting.

Correct answer.

My sister sent me a joke card about sharting and I had to explain what sharting was to my girlfriend. She is convinced all Americans shart a lot now because why else would we have a word for it.

I’m back. I did not have to explain what sharting meant

you should carry a pack of underwear in your car I didn’t for awhile and had to learn the hard way what happens when I trust a wet fart in public

nothing like being at a dinner party and having to excuse yourself from the table because you accidentally sharted

Or having to awkwardly sit through and interview after sharting

I got tired of cleaning my underwear out in sinks and my friends did too

reminds me of a funny story, i was biking as a teen and i fell and landed in shit, but i just happened to have an extra hoodie in my back pack cuz i used to double up on hoodies cuz i aint have a winter jacket but today was a little warm so i took one off and bagged it, came in handy when i got shit all over the one i was wearing.

sharting is usually result of diet pills. a lot of americans believe pills can help them lose weight so they buy it and then it causes them to shart. Hence the Walmart/american super market classic of shit stained pants on a obese person.

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THANK YOU refpsi.

Thanks a lot of people dont understand american culture


Kill American Whitie

Kill white men