Shilling my twitter v2

I don't have access to the thread I created

Ahh oh nooo lol

I quit caffeine a month ago this is just how I am

@big_ass give me further twitter recommendations here as I am unable to see the other thread (and do not desire to do so)

You're this wacky? All you?


Y/N ?

The only good Twitter account was prospector 88. And now he's dead.


Oh YEAH there's only one good twitter account in the entire whole wide world'ed??

Let me.guess she was "the only one for you" also fuck you


The other 19 are in that other thread they have to give you access

Haha no

Holy fuck I can't stop listening to thot shit


Never believed that in my life but are a person who might

Because you are at your base unlovable

this was planned

I've been obsessed with lifestyle coaches since the genesis of Jordan Peterson and his cascade. What can I say?

There's a FUCKING train all the way up there LOL