Should cards and monsters have a % chance to show up or be based on stock?

So what the heck does my title even mean?

Well in most deckbuilders, since they tend to be made for tabletop and have a physical deck whenever you draw a card the % chance is based on what cards are in a deck. if you have 3 pot of greeds in a 40 card deck then drawing that pot of greed is a 3/40 chance, but the second draw is 2/39. You have a stock of cards in your deck and when you are out of a certain type of card then... Well the chance you could get that card is 0.

Meanwhile in a virtual game like The Bazaar you could deal out cards on a % chance base where technically there are an infinite stock of every card, and the chance you find any particular card is fixed.

I'm not talking about the personal deck that you use to put cards in your hand, but the deck the game uses to deal out cards to the shop or even monsters out on the field.

This is a rather big decision for a virtual card game as it could heavily influence what cards can be designed and which cards can't be designed. For example if you have a card which is weak alone, but can get much more powerful the copies of it you have (Like a "Draw all other copies of this card from your deck" effect) then either the % chance of this card being given in a shop would have to be relatively low or you just limit the number of those cards available in the card pool.

Then again with the % based you can have a lot more variety in decks as sometimes you just have a deck with like 15 copies of one card.

There are pros and cons but it is an important part of game feel.

Got really based at the end

Really sad to discover you edited out game design for game feel