Shoved female security guard

Was sitting in a mall away from people on a ledge mask down eating myself a beef patty

Bitch walks up to me and starts well bitching ant putting mask on I refused. Told her I'm gonna finish this.

She said she'll handcuff me and bring her baton out. So I start laughing and continue eating. Ask her what can she actually do to me she's a woman.

She walkies get this ANOTHER WOMAN for back up to bring cuffs and her baton. Then proceeds to stand right over me straddling one leg. (I was man spreading) with her gut in my face.

I finish my food. Get pissed off because if she did brandish a baton or try to cuff me I would have really hurt her. So I shoved her quick in the gut with my forearm and she took 2-3 steps back. I got up and walked away.

Cu bwoi if I stayed. They would have gotten hurt. Lol women I think feminism was clouding her judgement.

I'm 6'2 215or more lbs she's like 5'1 and fat.

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Did not read

didnt read op but i reada this

Didn't read - Kyle post

Plasma what the fuck is wrong with you go back to the quails

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come to america they'll pulp you for that

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you're so strong

did you buy the beef patty at the mall or was it quail beef from your backyard

Cool fanfiction story plasma, try to make it more believable next time

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I lied. It was a patty on a bun

Beef patty with coconut bread mayo and lettuce

Why would a woman even try lololol that's the joke

Of course I'm stronger. Could probably take 10 of her on

Ur prolly built like a typical western sissy boy

you are a typical western sissy boy

not even close i shoved a bitch ud talk to her about the patriarchy

the ultimate sign of masculine toughness - picking fights with women

She picked a fight with me. I left because if she was going to try to cuff me or rattle a baton at me I would have gone into autopilot and decked her


I shoved her cuz her gut was in my face and was straddling a leg while I was man spreading. Wayyy to ugly to be that close to me

Honestly should’ve laid her out with a solid punch

Bash her