Sicilian Mafia Day 1


Sicily late 1800's, people thought to trust their farms to bandits to protect themselves from other bandits. They never counted on the bandits working together

how do i start the day kkat and dan aren't answering?

@mafiabot help


@mafiabot startday 6297

i might be tarded

@mafiabot vc

@mafiabot starday 6286

i have no idea if that worked

@mafiabot vc

you missed a t in start bud

@mafiabot startday 6286

@mafiabot vc

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thunder up

soft claiming town

@electrowizard is an innocent child in the farmsteads. no one can dispute his childish and innocent humor

if you need further help ELECTROWIZARD IS TOWN

@mafiabot lynch @SOPHIE

everyone can start typing words