Sicilian mafia wrap up post game

Unfortunately the town of farmers and accessories just couldn't ever get their feet under themselves and the mafioso managed to achieve equity with a 2v2 day after the night, the remaining town had to submit to their racketeering, or face extermination. If you'd like to take a stab at who was the 2 remaining scum go ahead. Thanks for bearing with me i had a rough week. I'll leave the final two kills unflipped to make it harder. Criticism on the setup is welcome

if i spoilered you please allow others a chance to guess first

i gave up on using the bot hopefully that doesn't do anything negative for future games

Fuck you @LuckyArtist calling me out day 3 smfh

I will elaborate more after spoilers, but some unfortunate in-game stuff happened day 2 that made it so I couldn't push the people I wanted to in good conscience because of out of game info I wasn't supposed to have.

Bazinga gunned us <3 so we had 2 kill shots

Whelp, there goes one of the spoilers.

I will say your partner needs to get much better at this game

And @SCSF claiming a gun he didn't have was such stupid bullshit fuck you

Yeah she needs to be more active :man_shrugging:


Also, games that are 1 mislynch should probably be open set-up

Ian obviously.

Also how is this 1 mislynch?

Can you PM me what happened, I already made my guess

Awful town players

It's not guaranteed one mislynch, but it played out to be that way. Hell, it could've been zero mislynch without the gun at all. Lynch scum d1, SK kills town 1, mafia kills town 2. Day 2 is 4v2v1 and lynch scum. Sk hits town 3, scum hits town 4. Now it's 2v1v1 D3. Lynch scum or sk, remaining scum team wins n3

There is no sk n1

It was obvious Ian was given the gun and the fact that he was being coy about it basically outed him

You were so damn scummie last game

You too.

I only voted on scum this game, faz day 1 (only switched my vote in attempt to get traction on another player and survive)

then Ian (scum)

then gwez (SK)