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Right xd

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i dont feel comfortable around animals that weigh more than me

Elefants? :nerd_face:

i met a destrier out on a trail visiting my aunt's house in texas. thing was built like a house i couldn't imagine trying to get in it's way

I would feel safe around elephants they're intelligent , but anything that's dumb and big scares me. They're unpredictable... like Dan at mafia

You know what else is unpredictable?

A woman behind a car wheel or a monkey with a grenade. :nerd_face::see_no_evil:

People might be more excited if you offered a semblance of effort

Fuck people being excited
I’m offering to host

After my coffee I have a clearer mind

So I’ll reiterate
Idc excitement, the onus for this stuff isn’t on me, fuck if I care whether you guys sign or not because of a lack of excitement when I’m offering a free service

What do you mean

That was pretty incredible.

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youre telling me to offer effort to get signs

me saying ill host is effort enough