Signals: A Mafia Game by PassionForTrains (Signup)

Do you also refuse to work with your coworker who is terrible at their job and brings everyone else down?

Don’t pay him any attention jdance

He’s having one of his temper tantrums





Just a warning to unsuspecting players: Benny has never hosted a real game - His first game consisted of no scum players, and his second he didn’t bother to finish (went AFK after D2)

yeah while the setup writeup looks nice that 2nd game was p recently and i think id rather sign someone elses


you need to trust him more

Fool me once…

I didn’t expect you to attempt to troll but I have hosted real games on The no mafia game was poking fun at the lack of moderator intervention in the mafia subforum at the time and the game where I had to cease hosting here was due to a festival - I waited three months since to a two month period where I know I have no other duties.

I’m also taking ideas for another town role as I think they’re missing one at the moment - will update soon.

What about the raccoon game

How about a raccoon

It was multiple months ago - he didn’t abandon the game on purpose, he had an accident at the festival.



Guess I’ll sign.

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I think with that we have 13 players! Game starting tomorrow morning I hope.