Signals Day 1

@l0nch @Nmagane



Your mafia.

It’s not a meme lynch you’re lying

Yawns Another game.

Notice this

Another game with Benny host and Nmagane scum yawn

Hahahahahahahaha well done

Which PR are you?

Or are you telling me that Benny, someone that hosts games purely as social experiments gave his best friend VT?

@l0nch @nmagane

@l0nch @nmagane

Klaze and epok are mafia.

Btw I’m aiming for a dan lynch tomorrow

But nma needs to die 100%

Good game!

You’re scum, you’re so fucking scum I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life. The way you post, the way you word your sentences, the way you capitalize your words. You are the most obvious fucking scum I’ve seen in my entire life. When I look into your eyes the only thing that reflects at me is the abyss and the abyss says you’re fucking scum.

I’m town btw

A loud yawn - exonerating the state of the forum

No you’re just an idiot and don’t realize that this is how I write everything every - alas if I die and am somehow scum (am not) - Klaze and epok would be mafia too.