[SIGNUP] Gladiators

12x Town Gladiator - During the day phase, if no other player has yet used their power, you may type in bold “I Challenge [Target Player] To A Duel” Votes for that day will become locked between you and your target, and the day will end when majority (hammer) is reached on one of the two duelists. A winner of a duel is immune from duels the following day phase and dueling has a cooldown of 1 day phase, unless the next day is a Lynch or Lose (LyLo) situation. Even if you win a challenge that you did not issue, you may not issue a duel challenge nor be challenged the following day unless the day is LyLo.

Once a day, a Gladiator spectating an ongoing duel may cancel it by typing in bold “Stop the duel!
The Gladiator who activated this ability cannot duel or be dueled, and another duel must be issued within 12 hours of the cancellation. The Gladiator who activated this ability will automatically die at the end of the day phase. The stopped duelists cannot re-duel and will be immune from duels that day, but they may duel again from the following day.

3x Mafia Gladiator - Same as Town Gladiator. Can stop duels as well (also dies and flips at end of phase).

1x Mafia Sympathizer (Third Party) - Does not know the identity of the mafia team. Has the power to duel. In order to win, the Sympathizer must either lose a duel to Mafia or win a duel against Town. If winning by losing to a duel vs mafia, will flip as Town Gladiator (win will be announced postgame). If winning by winning against town, win is announced and the Sympathizer immediately leaves the game. Dying by nightkill or loss to town results in a loss. Dies automatically at the end of the third phase and loses if win condition is not yet achieved.

Play to win condition; use of abilities considered wincon-sabotaging will incur bans from future games. Disciplinary action will not be taken during the game; perceived violations will be called out post game.

Mafia have nightchat only. Night will last up to 16 hours (mafia may choose to end night early) from the time of a hammer.

Regular lynchvoting is not a mechanic in this game: the only valid votes are ones that take place during duels.

Days will last until majority is reached. The only hard deadline is that a duel challenge must be issued within 24 hours of day start, or else the day’s lynch will be forfeit.

Minimum post requirement of 5 non-fluff posts by the 24 hour mark of each day. Violators will be modkilled.

14 players.

Thoughts on setup balance are welcome. Flavor suggestions welcome.

  1. Nmagane
  2. Roragok
  3. epok
  4. jdance
  6. im_cool_your_weird
  7. Klaze
  8. yns
  9. Lucky Artist
  10. bazingaboy
  11. Matticus
  12. Gamut
  13. ironstove
  14. krazykat
  15. jones
  16. big-benny

Signups are now closed. Game thread and Role PMs coming soon.



also when you create the game if you start in the gamezone. You should see the template I created. Hope it is helpful to you.

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do people prefer mafia having daychat or nightchat only here?

you should choose whichever makes the game more balanced

You should sign :)


i honestly dont know

i have trouble weighing the benefits of having daychat

Most games so far have been night chat only - at least 4 that I know of including last game. I think Day chat wouldn’t be very useful in this game anyway but there’s no point in theory crafting. Just do whatever.

I think night chat only is normal, but I’ve played both.


Sign. This game was broken when I hosted it with day chat, maybe make it night only?

details on how it was broken please?

i didnt even know you already hosted a version of this

It was quite a Significant game in nadota history to say the least hahaha.

Was that the one I banned you and Benny from?

Yes and we both were in it anyways.

is it just me or is the retort button hidden here but visible in the game zone threads

roragok must be up to some css or somethin hehe

I see it

I was in the chat, they were able to coordinate very well. It was LC themed, and your ability was one shot, no CD. @KrazyKat was one scum, don’t remember the others