[SIGNUPS] Christmas Spirit

Tonight on NAMafia, on Christmas eve.
A Christmas Present, everyone shall receive.
And Tomorrow, on Christmas day.
With their new toys, the children shall play.
But the Giggles and Laughs, will soon come to an end.
Today is not the day, to pull a prank on a friend.
Now is not the time, to play pretend…


Christmas Children: The happiness of a child on Christmas day is unmatched. Giving gifts, sharing, full of Christmas spirit.
Christmas Santa Claus: Toys, Treats. Incredible gifts. Amazing gifts. Christmas.

Mafia Children: Bad gifts. Harmful gifts. Ungrateful, and unhappy, no Christmas spirit.
Mafia Grinch: Terrible, Trash. Gross gifts. Disgusting gifts. Vile filth.

During night, each player (town and mafia) is given a new list of 3 items (items available vary depending on role).

They pick one of the items to wrap up in a gift.

Unlike the children - Santa Claus and The Grinch choose the person they want to send the gift to.

Everyone (including Santa and Grinch) receives a random (except the two people chosen by Santa and Grinch) wrapped gift to unwrap and enjoy on the beginning of the following day.

Mafia have night chat, but no “night kill”, as their gifts are enough. Town have a daily lynch as usual.

This is of course, a “closed” setup - Christmas presents are supposed to be a surprise.

Number of players is flexible but obviously only even numbers please - looking to get as many as possible!

Merry Christmas.


All questions and suggestions are welcome.
What do you guys think of not having a lynch day 1?
Christmas eve dinner. No lynch, but tensions rise on the dinner table.

@mafiabot host

I would appreciate if everyone put aside their differences for this game - it’s the season.

Is this Brendan’s setup? What about Roragok’s mafia game?

It’s not - he didn’t have a setup but only flavor text.
I thought Roragok was playing.

Is it a benny setup? What’s in the gifts? Will there be a raccoon?


You don’t get to know what’s in the gifts until you open them.

Well - that hardly seems safe.

The mafia have bad gifts and town have good ones - that’s all you need to know.

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To bad I didn’t archive the entire game.


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Can you choose to not open the gift you received?

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That doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of the season


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I think it would add more depth to the game.

My game will run alongside nma’s

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