Simpin ain't easy...

is it even possible for an eighth grader to be a simp in the traditional sense lol. shit really spreads quick with the internets these days

One tactic she teaches kids in her therapy sessions, she said, is the "humor tool."

"It's comic relief. You practice not putting down the other person, you put down the situation," she said.

If someone is being called out for always "simping the girls," Capinas said, "he could turn it around and say 'It's tough being the lone soldier simp nice guy, who wants to join me?'"

"You can turn it and make it into comedy," she said.

Davis pointed to a similar approach.

"Telling the bully, 'That's right,' while holding your head up high and walking away can help, as bullies usually give up if they don't succeed in tearing the other person down," he said. "And you can tell yourself that being bullied is simply the price a revolutionary has to pay for standing up for what's right."

Shannon said her son's therapist advised similar tactics, but the boy said he only comes up with the perfect retort three hours later.

One way to think of a simp, said Sean Davis, a marriage and family therapist in Sacramento, California, is "simply someone who is ahead of their time."

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I'm not a simp

you're a fossil

At least I contribute to the archaeological record. What do you do?


Bringing about the fall of capitalism by simpin'

"new" slang


How many simps would you require to complete your revolution in China?

1 billion


my home is your home welcome to the simp dome

i seem to recall simp being used in some ugk and three six song back in the day so it can't be very new can it


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It’s not new

It did not exist before pokimane invented streaming