Simple Shootout - Game thread










1xMischievous Outlaw (Night action: Perform a mafia night-kill)
1xDeranged Gunsmith (Night action: Give a 1-shot gun to a player of your choice)
1xGood-natured Gunsmith (Night action: Give a 1-shot gun to a player of your choice)

Guns are passed out at night and shot during the day by typing "@big_ass shoot playername" in the thread. A player may not hold more than 1 gun at a time.

Host Notes

  • When you see that you've been shot you must consider yourself dead (stop posting). It's OK if a person's typing a post and accidentally posts it at the same time they're shot but the point is a gun is able to silence someone in the middle of a day. I won't be around to confirm the kill sometimes but please don't self-flip. In the time between shot and me arriving to flip the player, the player is considered dead but the thread doesn't have results - if this majorly impacts day timelines, I'll extend the day to be fair

  • Don't fake shoot, you will be zeused (if you don't have a gun, don't do big_ass shoot whatever), don't try to play games by mistyping the command or whatever, basically due to Host Note 1 just don't angleshoot this as it's too much nonsense

  • Gunsmith (both sides) is a forced action and will be random rolled if not used in a given night

  • scum has day and night chat

  • I'll put a thread lock to indicate day end. Moderators, don't post after day end (when the thread is locked stop posting) and don't take any moderator action on the thread (lock/unlock). When hammer is reached the day is technically still going until I show up to take action (but no official actions can be taken - voting is done and any shots taken will not count. Don't angleshoot this I'll zeus (as above)). But everyone can keep talking in the thread until I show up to end day

Read the host notes you can get zeused


Title: simple shootout role
body: vt

Day begins..


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I find it odd that I'm the one that christened the thread.

The thread was locked when I arrived

@big_ass vote @Matticus

  1. Preserve the matticus
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  1. gib gun


do NOT give sophie a gun

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If gunsmiths cannot self target we should no lynch and that will give us a higher % chance to lynch scum next day if we exclude the players with guns.

@big_ass vote nolynch

I received a PM from a player asking for rule clarification on whether Gunsmiths can self-target.

Gunsmiths cannot self-target. The gun must be given to another player. This also applies to the forced random roll described in the OP.

I agree

Will definitely shoot you last

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incredibly poor town gameplay

Hello (because im town)

@big_ass vote @Vanilla_Town