Simple Shootout Signups


1xMischievous Outlaw (Night action: Perform a mafia night-kill)
1xDeranged Gunsmith (Night action: Give a 1-shot gun to a player of your choice)
1xGood-natured Gunsmith (Night action: Give a 1-shot gun to a player of your choice)

Guns are passed out at night and shot during the day by typing @big_ass shoot playername in the thread. A player may not hold more than 1 gun at a time.

If more players sign there will be more guns.


I’ll sign if u ban jcrispy


Still mad that you got exposed?

Its been months dude


The setup is designed to give town players tools to deal with other town players who play strategies that they don't like.

Finally, a game without krazykat then

I said what I said

You have ruined 2 games in a row

i will sign (if jcrispy is timed out, or zeusable by player vote during the game)

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Out of all the people on this forum, ive interacted the least with you

Thought maybe we could be friends


you did this in the last game that i played - you'll do it in the next

alas, indeed.

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OK JCrispy I am sorry, I know it is a little unfair because you were playing scum and mostly within the rules of the game, but forum has voted to sit you out one game.

Jcrispy will sit out this one, you all can sign

I want to sign, but the last game ruined mafia for me.
Let me think about it.

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People are being pussy
Fuck jcrispy for being a game ruiners and fuck jcrispy

Anyone else miss nyte?

Cuz I do xddddddd