Singleplayer Mafia

Anyone interested in this archetype of game? More PvE style, from either town or scum perspective you have to defeat the imaginary other players in the game as they move and use their abilites on each other.
Can be any setup.

@mafiabot sign

Will be starting the game this weekend.

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I'll be busy this weekend. Can we start either tomorrow or next week?

I'll try to make the time to start tomorrow but I'm very busy.

Other players are also welcome to sign as subs/co-op players.

I won't sub out and won't cooperate with any other players. If they are in my game I will try to get them killed

It's OK if I miss a day here or there but I do want to be there for a good chunk of Day 1.

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i will take a useless role that can defend himself.

You don't get it - you don't play a role in singleplayer mafia, you play either Town or Scum as an entity.

i guess i can be more active than benny at the very least. lets go

I think it's the natural progression of our games, since the players seem to lean towards that behavior and playstyle already.

I can't make more threads today so I'll host the game here.

Player: @SOPHIE
Setup: Basic Mafia
1x Town Cop
1x Town Doctor

7x "Vanilla Town" (2 Mafia Goons included)
You are in control of: The Town
Direct the players to a victory using the following tools:
Claim, Lynch, PR
Day 1 will last 24 hours.

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I check my PR

What? You're not a player in the game, you don't have a role.
It's a regular mafia game - you can claim and lynch during the day, and use your PRs during the night.

Ideally you submit all your actions for the day in one post.

it's a tool. I assumed I could use it. You didn't tell me my role.

I didn't tell you your role because you don't have one.
I said you control the town, and that it's currently day 1 - I assumed that was enough for an experienced mafia player. Sorry.

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i will give you time to come up with a new way to meme me. have a good day

I'm not meming you, if you want to see another player play the game you should check out @big_ass's run here: