Site Just Made My Avatar Round For 10 Seconds

Fuck Off You Dumb Mongrel Gutter Monkey

Calm sir please

i definitely wasnt editing anything, i do it on dev now lol. u mad bro

you’re an ugly fucking monkey


Whatever new shit got pushed is way worse UI wise

Thank you for fixing this in a timely manner

All avatars are round for me because i use the objectively best site theme

my Avi looks like shit in that theme pls don’t

people who use dark themes are honestly mongoloids



I only use it for the Twitter phone app. It’s much better looking than their light theme, and I normally hate dark themes

“twitter phone app”

Idk I had to specify because light looks fine on a tablet

same tbh except add dark voip and telegram

Ha imagine having a square avi in 30-8

just so were clear dark users do not want a square avatar?

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I would like a square avatar.

Also that is unbelievably racist