Site stream

Just trying to centralize discussion on this incase people have questions later.

@roragok @ian reported not being able to use your key to start the stream. He said there were no error and he thinks he did it right.

Also @girlpool would like to use it once its workin again :)

If you take 5min to write clear instructions how to use this I guarantee people will start using it

Ian was messaging me trying to figure it out but I really can't help because when I tried my obs was asking a lot of questions I didn't know the answers to

Yeah id like to try and set it up to see if it works myself and write some instructions if it does but im busy and im guessing that finding out if it works right now should be dead simple for rora when he gets home from work.

just need rtmp and stream key should be the only barriers to entry for broadcasting

It might just need to be rstarted. Let me check the box.

it was offline
also it needs to be patched.

got some issues i can took a look tomorrow maybe

I need a platform to jerk off on camera for. Can you provide me this?

was able to get it working i think streamed a game for a min or three and it went through fine. lmk if still problems.

can we now get a quick guide for this?


key is test


nice ty

let's do some movie streams again @ian :smile:

Works on my end now aswell

for those too lazy to type it out

streaming myself shit posting the ultimate experience of namafia

In down I can probably do this weekend sometime

This is fake news

I had that idea already but Im worried people will stop me if they see what I am actually doing on a daily basis

does the video player not work? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Currently Live.