Slump Game - Day 1!


As a kid, you played a game with your friends where you berated and beat eachother -- a game you all affectionately referred to as Slump Game. Fast forward 20 years.

You awake in a facility of some sort. Alongside you are 10 others players in bunkbeds. Everyone begins trying to piece together what could be happening.

Someone eventually mentions the guy in the corner. You look over and see a hooded and masked figure (me). In between us is a glass wall. I take my seat on my throne and begin my shpeel. "Welcome to Slump Game. We have a grand prize for the winner. Only one can win. There is no other information provided to you."


Your jackets will be ready at the end of the day!
@mafiabot startday 7224


We still need a few players to confirm! @kyle @faZ @kat @krazykat

The game will begin once they confirm. and one more thing.

Let's make today fun and start with an icebreaker, shall we? Let's play a game of tag. Kyle will be it first -- he's always wanted to be! He's free to tag someone else and pass It. Make sure to @ the host and say 'tag' if you want to tag someone else.

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@mafiabot lynch insom

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Okay! You guys can start. @faz and @KrazyKat didn't confirm yet, hopefully theyll be on soon.

Ian posting before the host?

Inside information?


@mafiabot vote @ian

Then let it fall from the sky


I'd suck your cock for the experience lol.

ian is a power role

hello everyone

@mafiabot lynch @insom

well thats 2 out of 7 solved. cya all tomorrow

here is how ian will play the rest of the day: not posting at all because he is a power role

lbj playing from his phone?


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@mafiabot lynch insom

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I bet last guy to be tagged dies

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I drive.