Slump Game - Day 2!


After what seems like an eternity, the lights turn back on, revealing the bloody mess that had occurred last night. What looks to be a terrible guard, or maybe an undercover cop? lies face down in a pool of blood, as well as the local hick. Now fixed to the ceiling is an inflated childrens Pig toy -- and the bills stuffing it looks like it could be north of 1Billion Wongs (1B₩). The Speakers overhead crackle to life and echo the following statements.


??? -- IAMA FuckingguaRd -- GUARD -- ELIMINATED.

I laugh at the turn of events. How positively random!

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Vanilla Town

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Mafia Goon

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Alive Players

@mafiabot startday 7224


Is nobody going to clean up the bodies? Can someone clean this up?

A few guards come and take the bodies. I'm a little peeved they didn't just do that by themselves.

i attacked kyle and he didnt die

@mafiabot lynch kyle

not my body not my problem

i dont trust those wongs

wanna elaborate or just big dick?


This game is confusing i I what bazingaboy says

@mafia lynch @kyle

Also I tagged Sophie and he didn't die so that is bullshit

i dunno unless someone confesses to protecting kyle i feel that's a pretty good lead to go on, no?

although admittedly it was a light attack with a meme weapon, but that won't stop my suspicion

I protected luckyartist


don't think it's damning of kyle's rep at all

this game that is

idk how any mechanic works in this game tbh

I attacked Ian and he didn't die

wait thwo the fuck died what is this meme bullshit

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so im assuming iaafr and who else?