Slump Game Day 3!


The dawn of a new day. Lights flicker back on, revealing a bit smaller of a mess than last time. The facility is inexplicably clean of entrails though. The Speakers boom

CONTESTANT #58 -- Jimmy -- @ian -- ELIMINATED

I'm disappointed. Where's the bloodshed, the drama? You call this a show?

Alive Players

@mafiabot startday 7224



its literally just contestants

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Won't someone roll my die? Here's an example!

@discobot roll 1d6

:game_die: 1

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@discobot roll 1d6

You wish!

:game_die: 3

has dan done drugs?


@mafiabot lynch @kyle

You've unlocked -- elToro's role.

It was Contestant!

ok shoot lbj now dan

is this because i told my new friends about ur destruction of my minecraft house?

this dice sucks

@jdance if you apologize then i will forgive you for your griefing.

You make finger guns at LBJ. They were very ineffective. I don't think they did any damage.

@discobot roll 1d6

:game_die: 2

what did i win?

You've won -- a vaction in Malibu! Congratulations.