Slump Game Day 3!



@mafiabot kill @kyle

@kyle dies. He was a plant! I wish he rolled better.


we are all contestants and i have killed the most contestants therefore i am mvp

scratch that

@mafiabot lynch @kat

Cleanup on Aisle 6! (for his Kinsey Score)

A few masked guards come in with a very small box that kyle fits comfortably in.

if mafia is bazingaboy i will be very upset

@bazingaboy bro tell me its not true

@discobot roll 1d6

:game_die: 5

Okay bazingaboy I think you are my only confirmed friend

My guess is in Osiris/lbj


@mafiabot unlynch

For the record I did in fact kill Ian and protect bazingaboy last night

I don't understand how there was only 1 death

Nobody is typing which means you are all afraid of me because I have solved the came

i want to see osiris' roll


Me you and bazinga win this game

Are you with me or are you scum