small business thread

anyone wanna create their own startup?

i’ll throw in 1000 dollars so we can lose it all within months


this is now a crowdfunding thread to buy namafia



slowdive is a good band

dats the name~

I’ve made like $200 off t shirt designs

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rainbow is the new VP

Goy Club Gaming is ripe for growth and expansion.

How about you come live with me and we can start the Los Angeles division of goy club

It’s decentralized

Then as of this post the goy club division of Los Angeles is now officially active. Currently we have 1 active member, also im willing to sponsor NMAgane’s visa if he would like to leave the Cairo division and join the LA division

goy club street team ww@?

if this is serious i founded a startup and was a cofounder in another if u need advice

okay jacob tell me about your ventures

spinoffs of stuff i worked on in university labs for very niche markets

SCSF sells garbage to retards

He in the trash sales business


okay tell me more in detail, im curious jacob